Ma Maison et Moi


Treacle Market Macclesfield Cheshire

on the last Sunday in the month

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Ma Maison et Moi picture

these signs are based on our logo and are symbolic of the saying "the home is where the heart is" these are hand crafted from reclaimed wood


£25.00 Add to Basket IMG_1542 1-DSC_0014 Boat all natural

house white and heart white

boat blue background blue natural

house natural and heart natural

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heart natural and wood natural

£25.00 Add to Basket boat blue and white house natural red heart

house naturaly heart red

£25.00 Add to Basket £25.00 Add to Basket house white heart red

house white and heart red

£25.00 Add to Basket £25.00 Add to Basket

boat natural background natural