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Treacle Market Macclesfield Cheshire

on the last Sunday in the month


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made from reclaimed 65mm boards



Mainly used in the building trade and off shore sites in harsh weather conditions, they have reached the end of there usefull life as a scaffold board but now with our love for wood we make these lovely tables.










The process for bringing these boards to a standard that is acceptable for your dining table we clean the planks sculpting to enhance the natural grain and patena ready for fine sanding, we then use only the best products to make the surface completly food safe water resistant and child friendly with all natural oils and waxes, after a long process preparing the surface of the table we first stain the wood (light, dark or ebony etc) and then apply a natural wood protector (Osmo) which soaks into the wood and is highly water repellant.

It is here we apply around 3 coats of Osmo Top oil, which is used on kitchen work surfaces to protect from heat and stains and is completly child friendly.

because these tabels are so heavy and not easy to sell as "flat packed furniture" we personally deliver to make sure you are happy with your purchase, we will keep delivery cost down to a minimum. Please send us the inquiry form below to obtain delivery qoute, giving us your postcode and details of ease of entry, ground floor, first floor basement etc

* Required
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some are quite rustic

7ft (21cm) outside table & bench

X frame table which is black powder coated

square box frame table which is black powder coated

round table with clear powder coated box farme base

IMG_0283 (Edited)

Farmhouse table & bench antique pine top painted base

IMG_2409 (Edited) IMG_2417


This is one of the cast

iron bases

we made this coffee table to a customers requirements we designed the base and had our fabricater make this with a gun metal powder coat finish

IMG_1205 IMG_1566(Edited) IMG_1210 IMG_1559(Edited)(1) IMG_1561 IMG_1565(1) IMG_1564(Edited)(1) IMG_2436

The woek starts here........

..... and finish here